UNIQA | In a rapidly changing and expanding global industry, Uniqa’s previous brand and website was positioned for a localized Eastern European market. Their team collaborated with Enspire through intensive “Discovery” services to redefine their product offering and communication strategy. As a result, Uniqa is prepared to use their new brand and website to target western market opportunities.
The logo is inspired by the layered panels Uniqa uses to build homes. The rectangular shape represents stability, security, and strength--portraying Uniqa as a trustworthy company. Basic geometric shapes used in the logo mark represent the advantage of "simplicity," which Uniqa's technology offers. 
A color palette of green and gray was selected. Green represents youth, life, abundance, and a healthy environment. Dark gray offers a sense of elegance, respect, wisdom, and balance--a softer and more approachable color than black, but just as timeless.
The color palette: green and gray.  Green representing youth, life and a healthy environment and lifestyle. It also has connotations of abundance, peace and development. 
The dark gray brings in a sense of elegance, respect, wisdom and balance. It is a softer and more approachable color than black, but just as timeless in terms of style and design.
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